Take a deep breath,

You are on the right path. 


About me

I am a clinical social worker passionate about helping people find ways to their best selves. I do this by providing a safe and supportive environment for the client in search of self-understanding. I believe that people have the capacity to feel content, grateful and joyful but that a lot of the times our preconceived notions of ourselves get in the way. Every day I am amazed at the resilience people have. Listening closely to what is being said and not said, I collaborate with the client, finding creative and pragmatic ways to overcome obstacles to change. I have been providing supportive counseling to older adolescents and adults for the past fifteen years in various settings including outpatient mental health, hospitals and nursing homes. I provide individual assessment and psychotherapy founded on a trusting and well connected therapeutic alliance to people eighteen years and older. Modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, reframing, motivational interviewing. We work as a team, together crafting the treatment plan based on where you would like to be. 


Along with spending time with family and friends; I enjoy a competitive ball game, singing and walking in the woods with my dogs.

Photo by Jessica Cronin Photography